Themed Pizza Combos From Around The World To Get Delivered On Movie Night

The pizza you order on movie night can be much more than just a plain pepperoni pie. You can make it more interesting with themed pizzas from around the world. You can try Hawaiian for surf movies or unique cheeses for a European comedy. The following themed pizza combos will create the perfect supper to accompany your movie night:

Asian-Themed for Martial Arts Classics

If you are watching martial arts movies, then you may want a pizza that highlights Asian cuisine. There are many different countries to choose from for your themed pizza. Some of the ingredients that you may want to use for an Asian themed pie include:

  • Chicken with spices for a pizza with East Asia flavors
  • Stir-fried vegetables for a Chinese-themed pizza
  • Curry and pork for an Asian-flavored pizza
  • Supreme vegetable pizza with a colorful variety

You may want to use these ingredients and combine them with some of your own ideas. You can take an ingredient from the scene in your movie and add it to your pizza too. You can also add ingredients to your pizza from specific Asian countries. 

Italian Flavors for Tuscan Backdrops 

You can talk about themed pizzas without mentioning Italy. Tuscany is a region that is often set as the backdrop in many classic films. So, why not create a Tuscan-themed pie for your movie night? Some of the ingredients that you may want to add to a Tuscany theme include:

  • Sauce made from fresh tomatoes
  • Florentine cheeses for a taste of Florence
  • Tuscan cured meats for a taste of Italy
  • Slices of garden-fresh vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant

This is only the beginning of what you can add to a pie for a Tuscany-themed movie night. If you are watching mafia classics, you may want to use ingredients from other regions in Italy too.

Seafood Theme for Mediterranian Classics

From Greece to the coasts of France and Spain, there are also a lot of movies with a Mediterranean backdrop. Since seafood is an important part of cuisines in these areas, it can be your movie night theme. Some of the Mediterranean ingredients to use for your pie include:

  • Fresh anchovies
  • Spiny Mediterranean lobster (crayfish)
  • Calamari
  • Scallops

There are other ingredients that you may want to use for a Mediterranean-themed pizza, such as Iberian ham. Mix and match your pizza to the region where the movie you are watching was filmed.

These themed pizzas will make the perfect company for your next movie night. Call a pizza delivery service and talk to them about making your custom pies for movie night.