Preparing Mediterranean Fusion Food For Your Home Or Restaurant

A Mediterranean diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean fish. When you consider the various regions of the Mediterranean, it's easy to see how favorite dishes come out of each area. Mediterranean fusion food takes the delicious food that originates in the Mediterranean and fuses it with other types of cuisine throughout the world. When you combine Mediterranean food with other cuisine, you can find a range of heart-healthy, tasty dishes to serve in your home or restaurant. Whether you love vegetarian dishes with curry, or sushi rolls made with brown rice, Mediterranean fusion food can be a delicious option.

Find Endless Food Combinations With Mediterranean Fusion Food

If you are trying to discover new menu items for your Mediterranean fusion food restaurant, you have to start with the basics. Consider that a typical Mediterranean diet is full of plant-based foods, and is generally healthy for the heart. You will want to use olive oil in the recipe while staying away from butter and salt. You can start with a base of legumes, lean fish, or lean poultry. Add whole grains and vegetables to round out the dish. To make the recipe fusion food, you'll need to consider adding curry, for example, to join Mediterranean and Indian food together.

Healthy Eating and Mediterranean Food

A diet that focuses on healthy grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is going to be healthy for you. As you think about some of your favorite dishes, look at ways you can add more of a Mediterranean flair to the dish. This will make the food fusion. Consider a beans, rice, and chicken dish. This might be a Mexican dish that you want to incorporate into your menu. Use brown rice instead of white rice. This is closer to Mediterranean fusion food. You can try adding in a variety of vegetables, or use spices common in the Mediterranean such as Vietnamese cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, and sumac.

Creating Mediterranean fusion food is an adventure. You can try out a wide range of recipes when you supply your kitchen with enough of the ingredients used in traditional Mediterranean food. Take a look at some of your favorite dishes, then look for ways to incorporate Mediterranean spices and ingredients to make the meal more of a fusion meal. 

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