Three Tips To Use To Avoid Falling Off The Diet Wagon When Eating At A Pizza Shop

Dining at a family pizza restaurant when you are on a diet can be difficult. There are many calories dense, carb rich foods at this type of restaurant, but you do not have to fall off of the wagon and give in to temptation if you are willing to eat differently than many people typically chose to at a pizza shop. The following guide provides you with a few quick tips to use to stay on track when eating at a pizza restaurant.

Ask for a Customized Pizza

The first thing you can do is ask for the shop to create a customized pizza for you. Many pizza restaurants serve pasta as well as pizza. The to-go containers that the shop uses for the pasta are often made with aluminum and are safe to go into the oven. Ask the waitress to have the chef put all of your favorite pizza toppings into one of the to-go containers and heat it up for you in the pizza oven. You will get to enjoy all of the delicious aspects of the pizza without having to worry about the carbohydrates that are found in the crust.

Have a Custom Salad Created

Pizza restaurants always have lots of fruits and vegetables that they put on top of the pizzas. You can request to have a salad made using the toppings that would typically go on a vegetarian or supreme pizza. You can then use olive oil as a dressing or use any other dressing that the shop has available. You may not be able to have the lettuce or spinach that you are used to, but a salad loaded with healthy veggies, great meats, and delicious cheese will still be very flavorful and fill you up.

Passing on Bread and Dessert Is Not Rude

There are many people who choose to allow bread or dessert to be brought to their table because they feel that they are being rude if they ask the waitress to hold these items. This is not a rude request to make. You are trying to maintain your way of eating and putting temptation in front of you can make it very difficult to stick to your diet.

You need to have willpower when you go to eat at a restaurant that has a lot of high-calorie, carb-filled foods. You will have to make a decision about what is more important to you and stick with it. You have ultimate control over what you eat and choosing a healthy option is always best.