FAQ About Professional Catering Services

Large weddings can be a hassle to plan out, as each guest that attends must be considered for various aspects of the event. For example, it is important to know how many guests are attending and whether there will be a sufficient amount of food and drinks at the reception for everyone to enjoy. Coming up with a menu and sufficient quantity of each item can be complicated, which is why hiring a catering company is the best route to take for the task. By hiring a catering company, you will be properly prepared to serve your guests and have a higher chance of the food being enjoyable. If you have questions about hiring a catering company for your wedding reception, a few of the answers can be found in the content below.

Can the Menu Be Customized?

You will likely have various options when choosing a menu for your wedding reception. For example, a catering company can present a menu to you based on the specific items that they sell. You can then request that the items are customized to your satisfaction. Even if a menu item that you desire isn't sold by the catering company, they might be willing to make the item on your behalf. As such, you may have the opportunity to have a consultation about your dietary needs and the extent to which the menu can be customized.

Is It Possible to Test the Menu in Advance?

It is possible for you to taste-test a catering company's menu items before making a decision. However, you might be charged a fee to taste test the food. Depending on the rules of the catering company that you choose, it is possible that the taste testing fee will be refunded. For example, some catering companies will charge a fee for the taste test and then refund it if a customer moves forward with hiring them as caterers. You can ask if there is a taste testing fee in advance, as well as if it will be refunded.

Can Reception Items Be Rented?

Most companies offer additional rentals equipment to the customers that hire them for catering services. For example, you might be able to rent tables, chairs, and linens for the tables. You might also be able to rent fine china, a dance floor, and one or more canopies. The items that are available to rent will depend on the catering company that is hired for your event.

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