Three Types Of Stainless Steel Sheet Pan Racks To Add To Your Professional Kitchen

If you're a head chef, and your restaurant's owner has tasked you with equipping an expanded kitchen, it's like Christmas for you. This is your opportunity to recommend a variety of pieces of equipment that will make life easier for you and your fellow kitchen staff. Among the many things that you'll be thinking about is a sheet pan rack. It's a simple device that is highly useful in the kitchen. It allows you to load it with sheet pans filled with food or prep ingredients to free up space on your counter tops and keep the production of food steady. Here are three types of stainless steel sheet pan racks that you might want to get.

Full Sized

A full-sized stainless steel sheet pan rack is a must for every professional kitchen. These devices can vary in height, but you should expect yours to be several feet tall. Commonly, full-sized sheet pan racks are close in height to an adult's standing height. A full-sized rack is ideal because it provides the most storage space. Additionally, because it allows you to stack things vertically, it doesn't take up much space in an area that may already be crowded. Many full-sized sheet pan racks are equipped with caster wheels, which will allow you to move them wherever you see fit.

Counter Top

Another type of stainless steel sheet pan rack that you can request for your restaurant's kitchen is a counter top model. While you'll always need to evaluate that your kitchen has enough counter top space to accommodate one or more of these devices, they're handy to position in strategic areas of your kitchen. For example, if someone on the line is assembling food and doesn't have time to walk it over to your full-sized sheet pan rack, he or she can simply load up the counter top rack adjacent to his or her workstation.

Half Sized

A good option between a full-sized sheet pan rack and a counter top model is a half-sized rack. This accessory can vary in height, but is commonly tall enough that it can slide under the counter top in the kitchen, providing an easy storage space when you're not using it. A half-sized sheet pan rack is also equipped with caster wheels, so you can move it to any location where it will be convenient. Browse the available options at a local restaurant supply company to find the sheet pan racks that will suit your needs.

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