Three Interesting Places To Open A Bar

Opening a bar is one business that is likely to be an interesting and monetarily sound prospect. As the owner of a bar or pub, you get the chance to set the tone for your place. Some pubs are lively, with lots of music, different drink choices, and activity nights. Other pubs are more quiet, subtle, and great for date nights. If you are interested in opening up your own bar, renting a space inside of an already established business can be the best way to create a quickly booming company. Here are three interesting places to open a new bar in your town. 

Inside of a department store

If there is a store that is frequented by adults or a popular shopping place that is in the middle of town, you rent out a space inside of this building to open the bar. People may be interested in taking an after shopping break or a during a shopping break. If the department store is big or geared more towards one gender, their opposite gender partner may have a nicer time at the pub. The department store already having traffic will be a good start to developing a large walk-in customer base. 

Inside of a coffee shop

Selling beverages inside of a coffee shop may seem odd, but food and alcohol, then coffee can be the perfect combination. Running a small bar inside of a coffee house can bring you the traffic that wants something to eat with their cappuccino or wants a shot before studying with a tall coffee. Hitting a pub with good food before a getting a small coffee to go is the perfect combination of restaurants. 

Inside of a hotel

Hotels are a place that both locals and people from out of town will frequent. Locals may stay in hotels to easily access travel or when their home needs maintenance. Travelers will stay in hotels in order to be comfortable during their trip. Situating your bar inside of a hotel will make for easy customers. Many people may be tired after traveling or prefer to stay at the hotel for a late night meal. Serving good food and becoming a popular fixture in the hotel can lead to the hotel gain more overnight customers as well. Best of all, hotels can add you to the room service menu, providing you with multiple streams of income from your bar. 

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