Making Pizza Healthier So You Can Enjoy It Any Time

The truth is, pizza isn't as unhealthy as many people think. However, you can improve on how healthy it is in a number of ways. If you love pizza but feel like you can't make it part of your diet, then pay attention to these tips.

A Slice of Pizza Isn't As Bad for You as You Think

The first thing you should understand is pizza isn't as unhealthy as many people think. Like anything else, it's more about how much you consume rather than what you consume. Pizza actually has quite a few things your body needs.

A slice of pizza will provide you with protein, calcium, and lycopene. It also contains salt and fat, but your body needs salt and fat. Maybe you're not sold on the idea that a slice or two of pizza is actually just fine. Don't worry, there's a lot you can do to improve on the healthiness of pizza.

Add Healthy Toppings, Ignore Unhealthy Toppings

These days, you can pile just about anything onto pizza. Many people may use that as an excuse to indulge in some incredibly unhealthy things sitting on top of their pizza. Instead, go with healthy toppings.

  • Choose lean meats like chicken
  • Pile on as many veggies as your heart desires
  • Avoid adding sauces
  • Avoid adding extras such as stuffed crusts etc.
  • Avoid adding extra cheese
  • Use healthy spices like oregano, onion, garlic, sage, parsley, and chile pepper

You can certainly have a slice, or a whole pie, with toppings that reach the ceiling. It's the types of toppings you choose that matter. If you're unsure if the topping is a healthy one, then it's best to not add it at all. Of course, you can always look it up or ask the pizza place about it.

Ask the Pizza Delivery Place

Many pizza places know people have some hang-ups about choosing to eat pizza when they're dieting or watching their weight. That's why pizza places often have healthy options available. Often, all it takes is for you to ask or to peruse the menu and you'll likely come across pizza made specifically with healthier ingredients.

You don't have to think of pizza as a guilty pleasure or an indulgence. In fact, you can make it a full part of your diet if you do it right. When you're looking for a pizza delivery place, make sure you check out what they have to offer. They may even make a pizza to your specific, healthy specifications if you ask.