Buying A Sandwich Shop That Is Going Out-Of-Business: What You Need To Know

There are sandwich shops all across this nation that have become icons of the regions and cities in which they reside and serve the public. When these sandwich shops announce that they are finally closing their doors, the public often takes an interest because it is a piece of local history saying goodbye. If you have such a sandwich shop in your neighborhood, and you want to rescue it from becoming history, there are a few things you should know first.

The Reasons Why the Family/Owners Are Closing

Sandwich shops that have been around for generations and are suddenly closing their doors have reasons for doing so. While those reasons may not be made public, anybody who is interested in buying the shop and surrounding property should make it their business to find out why. This is especially true of sandwich shops that survived the Great Depression and numerous recessions, only to close their doors now. It may be that the taxes are too high to pay, or that there are too many problems with the property to fix. You should know what the problems are before you jump in to rescue a local favorite eatery.

Where the Owners Got All of Their Sandwich Ingredients

If you want to continue the fame and good name of this sandwich shop, you should use the same meats, cheeses and breads that made it famous. Find out where the owners got all of their sandwich ingredients, and be sure to continue using the same (if not better quality) ingredients when you make sandwiches for the community. This will reflect positively on your commitment to keep this shop going, and it will encourage long-time loyal customers to keep coming back to the sandwich shop they love.

Whether or Not You Can Keep the Name of the Sandwich Shop

Sandwich shops owned by numerous generations of the same family may have proprietary rights to the name of the shop. Once they go, you may not be able to keep the name of the shop the same. Discuss this at length with the owners to see if they are willing to let you keep the name of the shop the same, while advertising that the shop is under new ownership and new management. Some owners may be willing to do this just to have their legacy continue, while others may be wiling to sell to you the rights of the shop's name.

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