It's Organic! Tips for Running an Organic Food Restaurant

More and more customers are demanding higher-quality, organic food, and this includes the food they buy from restaurants. As a restaurant owner or future restaurant owner, you can certainly capitalize on this trend. However, you'll need to follow a few tips to turn a profit and attract the right customers.

Tip #1: Be prepared for fluctuating prices.

The price of food fluctuates as it is, but the price of organic food fluctuates even more. Without the use of pesticides and other sprays, farmers are even more at the mercy of nature to ensure their organic crops can be harvested. One year may bring a bumper crop of cucumbers but a shortage of potatoes, and another year maybe the exact opposite. As the owner of an organic food restaurant, you should always keep an emergency fund on-hand in case prices rise unexpectedly. 

Tip #2: Keep the menu small, and change it seasonally.

Sourcing various organic ingredients is not always easy. Plus, a lot of organic foods are only available seasonally. You can address both of these problems by offering a small seasonal menu. Offering just five or six dishes means you have far fewer ingredients to source, which saves you time. You can change that menu every couple of months based on what's most available at the time. This will also keep customers coming back for more; they won't grow bored with what you have to offer when there's something new to try.

Tip #3: Offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Customers who flock to organic food restaurants tend to be those who are interested in health or health trends. A good number of them are probably vegan or at least vegetarian, and many probably prefer a gluten-free diet. Make sure you offer at least one gluten-free option and one vegan option at all times. This could even be the same dish. 

Tip #4: Market to the right crowd.

Think carefully about where you'll market your restaurant. Where do health-conscious customers spend a lot of time? Marketing at running races is a good idea since many runners are health-conscious. You might want to see if the local health food stores will let you advertise on their bulletin boards, too.

With the tips above, you should have better luck managing your organic foods restaurant. You can reach out to others within the organic food industry for more ideas or feedback on how to establish your new business.