Add Flavor To Your Steak With One Of These Toppings

There's nothing wrong with enjoying your steak plain — perhaps seasoned with salt and pepper or maybe a combination of other spices. However, most steakhouses give you the ability to add excitement and flavor to your steak by topping it in a variety of ways. If you're used to having your steak plain, take a moment to check out the topping options during your next steakhouse visit and order one that appeals to you. Here are some topping options that are available at most steakhouses.

Crumbled Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is an acquired taste, but if you enjoy the flavor of this type of cheese, you may be impressed with how well it pairs with steak. Many steakhouses offer a topping option of crumbled blue cheese. This add-on is more than just a few pieces of blue cheese dropped onto the steak before it leaves the kitchen. Rather, a kitchen staff member will cover the top of the steak in blue cheese and then place the meat under a broiler. The intense heat from above will form a crust on the top of the blue cheese while melting the cheese beneath the crust.


A lot of people enjoy seafood as a pairing with this steak — steak and a lobster tail, for example, is a popular dish at many steakhouses. If you're a seafood lover, there are some toppings to consider that involve seafood. One option is to order shrimp atop your steak. Depending on the restaurant, they may come in a garlic and butter sauce and cover the top of the meat, or they may be grilled and placed on a skewer that is laid across the meat. Another option is a lump of crab meat placed on top of the steak — typically, with a bearnaise sauce drizzled over it.

Herb Butter

If you're looking for a steak topping that is a little simpler — but that still offers a lot of flavor — consider the option of herb butter. Many high-end establishments make compound butter that they can offer as a topping on their meats. Herb butter typically contains garlic and such herbs as parsley, thyme, and more. A cold piece of herb butter is placed directly on top of the hot steak, causing the butter to begin to melt. As it does, the richness from the butter and the flavor from the garlic and herbs permeate the meat.

Keep these topping options in mind next time you visit a steakhouse like Four Star Grille.