Take A Trip Around The Globe With These Chicken Wing Variations

When you think about chicken wings, you'll often think about basic sauce flavors such as mild, medium, hot, and honey garlic. These sauces are a constant at virtually every restaurant that specializes in wings, but you might be excited to know that there are far more flavors that are available to you. Sometimes, you'll get a chance to order a basket of wings with a flavor that is influenced by different regions of the world. Doing so can open the door to an entirely new chicken wing experience and make you keen on visiting the eatery again. Here are some regional chicken wing variations.


Few people associate chicken wings with Italian fare, but you shouldn't be surprised to see Italy-inspired wings at a restaurant that has a large selection of wing flavors. There are many different ways that these things are prepared, but they're often breaded to pay homage to popular Italian foods — veal and chicken Parmesan, for example — that have a crispy coating. Italian wings will also feature seasonings that are popular in Italian cuisine, such as basil, oregano, and garlic. You'll frequently find these wings dusted in Parmesan cheese, too.


Many chicken wing restaurants have wings that are inspired by Asian cuisine. There are all sorts of sauces that are present in Asian cooking that can work well with wings. Korean barbecue sauce, for example, can also be a good wing sauce. Many Chinese sauces, such as sweet and sour sauce — which combines the flavors of plum and hot peppers — can complement chicken wings. It's common to have your Asian-inspired chicken wings topped with ingredients such as sesame seeds and diced green onions, which is a common serving method in Asian countries.


Another option that may catch your eye as you browse the menu of a chicken wing restaurant is Caribbean-inspired wings. Often, these will be tossed in spicy jerk sauce, a sauce that has a long list of ingredients and that is popular among those who favor spicy fare. Wings with mustard sauce — often spicy, too — can be something else that you find in Caribbean-inspired wings. Given the popularity of fruit in Caribbean nations, you may find wings that have fruit sauces — perhaps containing pineapple, mango, or papaya. These sauces, which offer contrasting sweet and spicy notes that will keep your taste buds getting with each bite, can give you a new chicken wing experience.